Treasure Hunts - A fun way to get free hunting gear & a great way to get your product in front of hunters.

(Treassure Hunts Will Now Be Announced Via the WHC Newsletter Only!)

How does it work? It all starts with a donation of a products. Anywhere from 5 or more units. If the product in question is deemed a right match for our demographic we present it as a, or part of a Treasure Hunt. This entails for people to visit our site at a specific time and location (we generally give a weeks notice of when and where to meet through our forums). Once there we give the first clue. People would then need to solve the clue or riddle in order to find the next clue or link. People will travel from our Website to others that are involved in the hunt. The first people to make it to the end receive the prizes.

How does this benefit you? If you have a new product or even if you have a current product and are looking for new customers, this may help you. By getting your product into the hands of active Online users you are allowing them to create forum posts and comments about your stuff! Google and other Search Engines read that as "unique content" verses "copied content" (such as a product description which is seen on multiple Websites).

If you are a Website owner and looking for more traffic,.. we can provide that as well. It will require either altering or adding HTML to one of your pages. As our members come through, they not only bring your server unique IP Hits, you also get a chance to obtain new viewership.

If you are interested in learning more about WHC Treasure Hunts, please Contact us here to begin your next Online adventure!

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