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The Roosevelt elk, also known as Olympic elk, is the largest of the four surviving subspecies of elk in North America. They live in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest and were introduced to Alaska's Afognak and Raspberry islands in 1928. The desire to protect the elk was one of the primary driving forces behind the establishment of the Mount Olympus National Monument (later Olympic National Park) in 1909. Adults grow to around 6–10 ft (1.8–3 m) in length and stand 2.5–5 ft (0.75–1.5 m) tall at the shoulder. Elk bulls generally weigh between 700 and 1100 lb (300–500 kg) while cows weigh 575–625 lb (260–285 kg). Some mature bulls from Raspberry Island in Alaska have weighed nearly 1300 lb (600 kg). From late spring to early fall, Roosevelt Elk feed on herbaceous plants such as grasses and sedges. During winter months, they feed on woody plants including highbush cranberry, elderberry, and Devil's Club. Roosevelt Elk are also known to eat blueberry, mushrooms, and salmonberry.


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Northwest TerritoriesCaribouDall Sheep, Moose, Roosevelt Elk view profile
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