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                Jason was born in the mid 1970's in West Los Angeles Ca. His Father is the retired Chief Deputy Warden of CSP Sacramento, and his Mother was a Registered Nurse and homemaker. He is the youngest of four successful siblings, and many beloved Nieces and Nephews.

                Jason's passion for fishing began at the age of five on a family vacation to Honeymoon Flats near Bridgeport, California. Fish and Game had just stocked the tiny creek with thousands of foot long feisty rainbow trout that kept him mesmerized by the fight for hours. As he grew the passion grew as well, and new gear for Christmas and birthdays became the welcomed norm. He drove his Mother crazy rushing home from school, and begging on a daily basis to jump on his tiny mongoose dirt bike to fish the local bass pond. 

                Years later after a hiatus of friends and girls, Jason's passion for angling was reignited, and he set out to catch as many species as he possibly could, and by every method possible. The intention was to become as well rounded as he could be, never sticking to the blinded image that there is only one way to catch this or that fish.  

                Jason attended College majoring in Human Services/Psychology with a focus on addictive disorders and mental health, achieving Deans List honors.  In 2009  he began guiding, as well as working in the commercial heating and air conditioning industry. Today his mission and concept continues within, as he believes that unity in the sport and an understanding between sportsmen, is the key to preserving the fish and pristine environments for generations to come.
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