New Zealand Safaris

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Game that New Zealand Safaris offer
Red Stag, Tahr, Fallow Deer, Chamois, Sika Deer, Arapawa Ram, Canadian Goose, European Boar, Mallard Duck, Red Deer, Turkey. (Images lead to Game Profiles)

New Zealand Safaris invites you to join us on a true big game hunting Adventure in New Zealand. Experience Professionally guided Safaris on our large private High Country Stations, home to game animals that have populated the river valleys and Mountain tops since their introduction in the mid 1800`s. Our personalized hunts cater for single hunters, families or small groups of all ages and abilities staying at our luxury Hunting Lodge and private ranch cabins. We are situated in the Fairlie Basin, all our hunting properties are within 30 mins of the lodge and near the world famous Mt Cook National Park. New Zealand Safaris gives you a choice to experience hunting high quality free ranging animals in their natural environment, or for those wanting to hunt huge record book Red Stag and Fallow Bucks, we can combine the best of both experiences on our Private Estate. If you have always wanted to really experience unrestricted hunting in New Zealand, in the true spirit of the outdoors. Then come on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the South Island’s picturesque paradise with us.

Hunting in New Zealand. Experience the hunt with New Zealand Safaris New Zealand Hunting Red Stag and Tahr New Zealand Safaris Hunting Free Range Red Stag Hunting Safaris with New Zealand Safaris Red Stag & Bull Tahr Hunting with New Zealand Safaris Bull Tahr Hunting with New Zealand Safaris

Photo Gallery
Trophy book Red Stag in New Zealand Red Stag New Zealand Red Stag Hunts Red Stag hunting New Zealand Tahr Hunting Safaris in New Zealand White Red Stag Red Stag  Bull Tahr Hunting with New Zealand Safaris Red Stag Bush Plane landing strip 40 inch wide trophy Water Buffalo Salt water crocodile Barramundi Fishing Trophy Water Buffalo Hunting Australia Oxen Wild Boar Water Buffalo Water Buffalo Hunting Australia Fallow Buck hunting New Zealand Safaris Red Stag Hunting New Zealand Buck Chamois Start of the hunt first light Double drop tine Red Stag Alpine Chamois Hunting Safaris Fallow Buck Hunting New Zealand Huge Red Stag Free range Red Stag Hunting Safaris with New Zealand Safaris Bull Tahr Hunting with New Zealand Safaris Red Stag Hunting Free range  private land Bull Tahr Hunting Free Range Bull Tahr- Estate Red Stag Hunting combination Mornings like this Red Stag 2015 Fallow Buck Horse Back hunting New Zealand New Zealand Safaris 2015 Red Stag Rut New Zealand Summer Bull Tahr Hunting New Zealand Bull Tahr hunting More than just hunting Red Stag hunting Rut time Bull Tahr Rivendell hunting Lodge Chamois 2015 Wallaby wacking Tahr hunting Free Range Red Stag Buffalo Hunting Free range Sambar Stag Estate Red Stag has got it going on Chamois Buck Estate Red Stag Ducks Merrium Turkey Estate Res Stag Group hunting Having fun Bungy Jumping Bird hunting Tahr Red Stag free range On top of the world Relaxing on the hunt Alpine Chamois Mountain Antelope Wallaby hunting Fallow Buck Free Range Red Stag Tahr Hunting- Showing how the girls do it
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