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Our Rifles and Pistols; Built to Aerospace Precision Tolerances on the AR15 Platform. With 60 years of experience producing Aircraft, Space, and Defense critical components, Layke Tactical machines aircraft aluminum billet to tolerances making the match fit of Upper and Lower receivers the core strength of our rifles. Key area's of our Upper and Lower receivers, have thicker sidwalls and solid trigger guards which transfers to more rigid and accurate Firearm.  We pride ourselves that all the parts on our line of customized rifles and pistols are MADE IN THE USA. Our products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Models available: LT15-HD Pistol, 5.56 w/ 6.5" Barrel; LT15-HD 5.56 Carbine Rifle; LT15-HD16", 18", or 20" Predator Series, 5.56 Woodstock hunting rifles; LT15-204-18" Predator Series Woodstock hunting rifles .204 ruger; LT15-300ACC Blackout Rifle and Pistol. 

 At Layke Tactical, we're continually innovating, developing and testing the next generation rifles, pistols, and components. AR10 Platform will be released 4th qtr 2014 in .243 Win., .260 Rem., .308 Win.& .338 Fed..

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