Newfoundland Moose Fetching
Getting the 4 wheelers in to get moose
Added by: Bonesnba | 31 Views

Checked the game trail behind the house
Mothers Day weekend game traffic
Added by: mrbusybusy | 337 Views

Elk Encounter
young bull elk encounter in Chama New Mexico
Added by: Bonesnba | 883 Views

Added by: mohogging187 | 2436 Views

CVA Optima Northwest sight in
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 2827 Views

Hail Mary Coyote
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 2717 Views

Hot Shot #11 Nipple
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 2846 Views

Yotes & Elk!!
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 2803 Views

Patterning CVA Hawken Shotgun
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 2834 Views

CVA Hawken 12g Shotgun
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 2753 Views

.36 VS .44 BP Revolver
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 2860 Views

190" Utah Archery Buck Recovery
Added by: PaulyHunts | 2798 Views

Archery Ibex Hunt
This is the toughest hunt I've ever done - both physically and mentally. Getting tags is tough, but I will be back...someday!
Added by: PaulyHunts | 2635 Views

Alaskan Archery Brown Bear
2009 Brown Bear Hunt with Iliamna Bruins. Awesome hunt with great people.
Added by: PaulyHunts | 2278 Views

Let Him Walk?
This was opening day of last archery season. This 3x4 was with a 4x4 that was a little bigger. They were both 4.5 year old deer, so I decided to let them walk....
Added by: PaulyHunts | 1001 Views

Better than a deer whistle
No more smacking deer on my bike
Added by: mrbusybusy | 826 Views

2014 Season Highlight Reel
Here are the highlights from our 2014 Season. Some tags were punched and some made into tag soup. Our season included Montana Spring bear, North Dakota Turkey, North Dakota Whitetail, Montana Elk, Wyoming Antelope, and Montana Mule Deer. This video is a collaboration of clips from the season. Hope you enjoy!
Added by: Mr-Steve | 834 Views

Lars at his best
Added by: Jaded-Arrow | 798 Views

Mississippi river fishing and shed hunt
Added by: mohogging187 | 872 Views

WHC gear hog hunt season ender ShowmeState HogHunters &Outdoors
Added by: mohogging187 | 854 Views

Guitar Pick Fire Starter
Using a guitar pick to start a fire skill challenge from APOCABOX
Added by: mrbusybusy | 847 Views

Welcome to our Illinois Base Camp - Illinois Whitetail Deer hunting
Our professional setup is in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Illinois. Our properties are in Brown and Adams counties with great hardwood travel corridors and abundant food sources such as standing corn and/or bean fields along with Whitetail Institute food plots. Our stand sites are set up according to the deer traffic that we are seeing prior to each hunt consisting of hang-on style stands, ladder stands, and elevated enclosed blinds for when Mother Nature decides to drop the mercury level in the thermometers.
Added by: Tony-Smotherman | 916 Views

Not so much baout hunting, just amazing.
Added by: Hunter | 902 Views

2 wild hogs shot with bays dogs Missouri ironman hunt.
Missouri wild hog hunting & Outdoors
Added by: mohogging187 | 781 Views

2 wild hogs shot with bays dogs Missouri ironman hunt.
Missouri wild hog hunting & Outdoors
Added by: mohogging187 | 803 Views

Missouri hog hunting, outdoors & mudtrucks
Missouri hunting and outdoors
Added by: mohogging187 | 838 Views

2014 Missouri hog hunting Showme Crew
Wild hog hunting in MO
Added by: mohogging187 | 770 Views

How to make black powder
This is a gret video bout how to make salt peter. Not me in the vidoe.
Added by: Nathan-J | 835 Views

2014 Montana Archery Elk Hunt "Restless Night"
In 2014 Shayne and Steve found themselves headed back to Montana for their second public land DIY archery elk hunt in hopes of the same results, a bull on the ground. Watch along and enjoy what a real public land hunt looks like.
Added by: Mr-Steve | 723 Views

Added by: Jim-Shockey | 860 Views

Federal BOR Lock MZ Accuracy test
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 1152 Views

Traditional hog hunt ( MEAT shoot)
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 783 Views

Mr.Flintlock Patch Lube test shoot
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 849 Views

NorthWest - Olde Eynsford black powder Sight In
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 773 Views

2014 Montana Archery Elk Hunt Teaser
Added by: Mr-Steve | 750 Views

Black Mallard Hunting Services
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 632 Views

Final version of our 30 sec. commercial.
Create the full illusion
Added by: talkthewalk | 678 Views

2014 Bear Hunt
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 717 Views

New commercial to air on the Pursuit Channel this fall
Create the full illusion.
Added by: talkthewalk | 668 Views

Preview of the 2014 WHC New Mexico Bear Hunt
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 691 Views

2014 Coyote hunt with FM
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 710 Views

New Mexico Bull Elk Hunt 2012
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 735 Views

The Video Our Government Does Not Want You To See
Added by: MAX6 | 707 Views

CVA Optima NorthWest
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 787 Views

New Mad max Trailer
Forget everything I said about the new Mad Max movie looking bad,
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 634 Views

Card Drive For Danny
Thanks WHC for spreading the word
Added by: mrbusybusy | 699 Views

preseason set up for Headbanger Outdoors
Setting stands and checking plots and feeders
Added by: Bullseye77 | 712 Views

Into the fray
Fly fishing Pyramid Lake Lahontan trout
Added by: RivercasterJay | 718 Views

Embrace The Storm
Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake
Added by: RivercasterJay | 689 Views

Steelhead dreams
Steelhead fishing Feather River
Added by: RivercasterJay | 647 Views

North Coast Steelhead
Steelhead fishing Trinity River
Added by: RivercasterJay | 743 Views

Fly fishing for Golden trout at 10,000 feet
Added by: RivercasterJay | 673 Views

1851 Ground Strike
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 782 Views

1851 BAD GUY
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 745 Views

1851 VS Teddy
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 722 Views

Best Hunting Moments of our 2013 Season - 701 Outdoors
Watch video clips from our 2013 hunting season. It was our best season yet but we look to top it this year!
Added by: Mr-Steve | 656 Views

Added by: Bullseye77 | 740 Views

Added by: Bullseye77 | 635 Views

Boar Hunt
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 700 Views

Why I  Own Dogs
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 733 Views

Showing the kids how far a Garter Snake will strike
Fun snakes for kids to play with and not die
Added by: mrbusybusy | 671 Views

Added by: MAX6 | 701 Views

Added by: MAX6 | 718 Views

Dylan finishing off his first turkey
Didn't quite do the job with his first shot. Had to follow up with one more to seal the deal.
Added by: mrbusybusy | 660 Views

Dylan just shot his first turkey
Didn't grab the camera until after he shot.
Added by: mrbusybusy | 618 Views

Deer all over the place while turkey hunting
They kept walking right up to us!
Added by: mrbusybusy | 691 Views

Bacon Tacos!!!!
Bacon Taco Shell tacos by BBQFOOD4U
Added by: Dog-Day-Spice-Rub | 632 Views

Dog Day Spice Rub Beef Brisket on the Kamado
Man Cave Meal Beef Brisket on the Kamado Joe
Added by: Dog-Day-Spice-Rub | 649 Views

Goose Chili
Straight forward Goose Chili recipe from California Outdoor TV
Added by: Dog-Day-Spice-Rub | 708 Views

The Bergara BCR 20 Custom .308 Caliber
Added by: Thomas-MacAulay | 682 Views

2014 Spring Turkey Sighting
A day before opening turkey season in CA.
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 675 Views

Barnett Predator Crossbow Unboxing
Just for Mr. Clay
Added by: mrbusybusy | 736 Views

Lubing your patches
Traditional Muzzleloading
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 734 Views

CVA Accura V2
Shooting Accura V2 on the range
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 741 Views

2013 WY Antelope Hunt
In 2013, Shayne
Added by: Mr-Steve | 740 Views

Montana Archery Elk Down
This is our 2013 Montana DIY archery elk hunt where we backpack into the Pioneer Mountains chasing elk during the rut. Watch along as we give out the details our trip and take you along for the ride. This is our first time elk hunting but we sure learned a lot and will be back at it every year now.
Added by: Mr-Steve | 643 Views

Bleeding Zombie Destruction
Shooting up a Zombie Industries Bleeding Zombie Target
Added by: mrbusybusy | 732 Views

May 2014
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 658 Views

WHC 2014 Wild Boar Hunt
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 714 Views

Cleaning your NEW muzzleloader
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 726 Views

Bowdacious Outdoors TV and Talk The Walk
Bill putting the Talk The Walk deer call to work and getting results
Added by: talkthewalk | 724 Views

dall sheep in denali park
on a hike this sheep came within 15 feet of us
Added by: Mattwant | 693 Views

Close Call
Added by: Wheels | 651 Views

Ca Elk Guide Dreamin Promo
Tule Elk
Added by: Tule-nut- | 943 Views

Stalking/judging bear DVD
Another preview for the bear judging/stalking DVD
Added by: Mattwant | 691 Views

Preview for bear DVD
This is a preview clip for the DVD on judging and stalking bears
Added by: Mattwant | 701 Views

Rags the kangaroo
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 645 Views

Coyote Hunt
Folsum New Mexico Yote hunt
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 676 Views

Some high lights.
Some footage over the past years
Added by: talkthewalk | 598 Views

Found something I would not hunt
Snorkeling with manatees in Florida
Added by: mrbusybusy | 690 Views

Percussion Rifles
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 713 Views

CVA Accura V2 Build for WHC Hunter
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 623 Views

Friendly reminder to check your boots before slipping them on
Brown tarantulas in New Mexico all over in October
Added by: mrbusybusy | 709 Views

My 10 point buck hunt
The mornings events that lead up to this harvest.
Added by: talkthewalk | 673 Views

A story Channel 4 news seen in us.
A story that Channel 4 news did on us. Channel 4 news is the largest news station in south western PA.
Added by: talkthewalk | 629 Views

Humans are Awesome
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 653 Views

3 minute trailer
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 642 Views

OK OK, I beat this
OK OK, I beat this ''horse'' to death, but the Critter Getter needed to be included......
Added by: Wheels | 669 Views

We mentioned our annual fundraiser and annual disabled deer hunt in Edmeston NY put on by a really great family. Time is constricted when filming a 1/2 hr show, so be sure to check out our website for details. We ''run'' off of donations made by companies and individuals, without them, we can't buy the equipment needed to set disabled people up. Keep us in mind, we are a 501 [C] 3
Added by: Wheels | 621 Views

Nephews deer hunt
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 708 Views

Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting with AAA Alaskan Outfitters 2013
Just some of my clips put together while guiding for Brent Jones AAA Outfitters.
Added by: Headhunter | 916 Views

Sighting in CVA Wolf Muzzleloader
Sending some rounds down range before the trip
Added by: mrbusybusy | 888 Views

Where in the World is Colorado Buck TV intro
Added by: Colorado-Buck | 833 Views

2013 Elk Hunt
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 677 Views

Bear Hunt 1
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 681 Views

Edmeston NY Disabled Hunt 2013..Its been 6 yrs since Raymond Denner accident, and the weekend of Oct 4-6th 203 he broke his long dry spell! And he got his 3rd deer this week!!! !!! THANK YOU TO OUR HOSTS !!!
Added by: Wheels | 637 Views

Talk The Walk made this deer take her last walk!!!!
Added by: talkthewalk | 659 Views

Shooting the Optima .50
Making Applesauce 101
Added by: Badpegs | 755 Views

Dennis shooting the .50 Optima pistol
Added by: Badpegs | 644 Views

Enjoying an early fall say Shooting Zombie Targets
Added by: Badpegs | 652 Views

Tune up shop
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 694 Views

Shooting 4
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 740 Views

Shooting 3
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 670 Views

Shooting 2
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 715 Views

Shooting 1
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 707 Views

Coon Hunt With My Daughters
Coon hunting with hounds in NorthWest Washington
Added by: Conical | 643 Views

2011 mule deer hunt
This is a successful muledeer hunt with my kids.
Added by: Conical | 673 Views

M1 Garand Trigger Assembly
I've been working on gathering parts to build an M1 Garand. I finally got all the trigger parts and this is how it goes together.
Added by: J-Neuzil | 936 Views

Shoot Straight TV
2013 Theme Song
Added by: Huntin-Gal | 615 Views

Shoot Straight TV
When the Schearer family isn't hunting, their fishing!
Added by: Huntin-Gal | 654 Views

Recipes from the Field
A Scottish Egg recipe!
Added by: Huntin-Gal | 668 Views

Recipes from the Field
Turtle Burgers
Added by: Huntin-Gal | 587 Views

Venison Spaghetti Pie
Added by: Huntin-Gal | 630 Views

Marsha hunting gobblers
Added by: Huntin-Gal | 647 Views

Shoot Staight TV
Marsha gets a double Muley and Elk!
Added by: Huntin-Gal | 606 Views

Shoot Straight TV
Marsha Hunting Axis Deer in Paradise!
Added by: Huntin-Gal | 603 Views

Shoot Straight TV
Marsha taking a Musk Ox
Added by: Huntin-Gal | 633 Views

Vapor Trails
See vapor trails at their best as Oklahoma Pro-Staffers from the Louisiana Swiners Outdoors do some long range coyote hunting and target practice.  
Added by: Shelby-Thomas | 617 Views

Frontier Air Rifle .46 cal 22 shot repeating.
This is a historical piece of craftsmanship that changed and forged US history. To bad it never caught on till recent history.
Added by: SKHunter74 | 648 Views

The Guys from Knight Rifles "Americas Muzzleloader" Shoot the .950 JDJ
The worlds largest center fire in the world !
Added by: Wheels | 1111 Views

Louisiana Swiners Outdoors (Episode 1 DVD Preview)
LSO takes a group of kids on a Guided Hog Hunt with Dogs!
Added by: Shelby-Thomas | 732 Views

LSO Predator Hunting "Oklahoma Style"
LSO Pro-Staffers hunting coyotes!
Added by: Shelby-Thomas | 598 Views

Message from the creator
Added by: talkthewalk | 612 Views

Cleaning BH209 2
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 700 Views

Cleaning BH209 Part 1
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 691 Views

Aerolite Part 2
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 668 Views

Aerolite Part 1
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 666 Views

Starfish in Grand Cayman
Eve checking out a starfish South of Rum Point
Added by: mrbusybusy | 666 Views

Here is the teaser for episode 2.
Let me know what you think?
Added by: Tony-Smotherman | 640 Views

2013 Spring Turkey Hunting 701 Outdoors
Added by: Shayne-VanderWal | 707 Views

2012 DIY WY Antelope Hunt - 701 Outdoors
Added by: Shayne-VanderWal | 729 Views

50lbs of Tannerite Vs Old Race Car - 701 Outdoors
Added by: Shayne-VanderWal | 643 Views

Fridge Explodes with 4lbs of Tannerite
Added by: Shayne-VanderWal | 678 Views

Best Big Game Hanger - 701 Outdoors
Added by: Shayne-VanderWal | 690 Views

Perfect Hunting Trailer - 701 Outdoors
Added by: Shayne-VanderWal | 634 Views

North Dakota Coyote Hunting Spring 2012
Added by: Shayne-VanderWal | 627 Views

2013 Spring Turkey Hunts - 701 Outdoors
Enjoy two successful spring turkey hunt with two very different styles. Check out our website at!
Added by: Mr-Steve | 623 Views

2012 Public Land WY Antelope Hunt - 701 Outdoors
In 2012, Shayne and I went on our first antelope hunt. We did a lot research prior to find an area with enough public land, decent terrain, and higher success rates. We put a tough unit to draw as our first choice in order to build preference points, and drew our third choice. This is our second hunting video and it definitely has been a learning experience. We bought an inexpensive tripod for this hunt and that was the wrong decision. Bought a nice one now. I highly recommend this DIY hunt. It is affordable and fun with good success rates.
Added by: Mr-Steve | 661 Views

50lbs of Tannerite Vs Old Race Car - 701 Outdoors
For part of my bachelor party we decided to blow this old race car up with 50lbs of tannerite. It was awesome.
Added by: Mr-Steve | 939 Views

Fridge Explodes with 4lbs of Tannerite
On a Saturday afternoon during coyote hunting we decided to try out tannerite for the first time. The stuff is awesome.
Added by: Mr-Steve | 632 Views

Big Game Hanger w/ Winch - 701 Outdoors
While on our antelope hunting trip in WY we decide to film the first time using our new big game hanger. Ask questions on any of the details.
Added by: Mr-Steve | 624 Views

Perfect Hunting Trailer - 701 Outdoors
While on our antelope hunting trip in WY we decide to film a quick tour of our trailer that we have done work to in order to work as a hauler and a camper. It has been perfect for hunting. Ask questions on any of the details.
Added by: Mr-Steve | 680 Views

2012 Spring ND Coyote Hunt - 701 Outdoors
An early march coyote hunt in southwest North Dakota with 701 Outdoors. The show has no guides, just average people from North Dakota hunting on their own.
Added by: Mr-Steve | 684 Views

MAN vs HOG - Hunting feral pigs with a sword
For you primitive hunters!!! :P Published on Feb 4, 2013 Realtree Global Hunting: We're hunting feral hogs in Texas with a sassy chick and a HUGE sword! This is how L3 Outdoors Hog Removal takes care of the problem pigs that are tearing up farms and small holdings in South Texas. Sit back and fasten your seatbelt because we're in for a wild ride tonight!
Added by: SKHunter74 | 687 Views

 Red Hartebeest with the Benjamin Rogue .357
This one is for you Cosswald. :P In the stunning surroundings of South African's East Cape we take to the hill with the Benjamin .357 Rogue Air Rifle to stalk one of Africa's larger species of Antelope, the Red Hartebeest. The wind is in our favour, but is the Rogue ready to perform...
Added by: SKHunter74 | 637 Views

Texas Dall Sheep with the Benjamin Rogue .357
Team Wild's Airpower, Ian Harford is stalking a Dall Sheep. This sheep is past its prime, and has been pushed out from the rest of the herd. The guys at the Texas Hunt Lodge want it removed, and, armed with his Benjmain Rogue .357, Ian's the man for the job.
Added by: SKHunter74 | 658 Views

Hunting Hogs with a Big Bore Airgun
Published on May 9, 2013 Team Wild's Redneck Road Trip: Day 37. It's hog hunting with a twist today, as Ian shows Randy his way of hunting hogs. Equipped with his Benjamin Rogue .357 Big Bore Air Rifle this is sure to be an awesome hunt. Lets see how the combination of supreme technology with the Airgun combined with the traditional use of dogs works out.
Added by: SKHunter74 | 623 Views

.45 Sabot Rounds in .50 Airgun
Testing Hornady 240gr and Scorpion 260gr poly tip black powder sabot rounds in a Dragon Claw .50 airgun. These are .45 caliber bullets that use plastic sabots to fit in a .50 bore barrel. HD and High Speed photos/video. There are multiple reasons this would be desirable, but for me it is the ability to use (admittedly showy) jacketed rounds in this airgun without putting the barrel in danger since it was designed for lead projectile use. This gun doesn't shoot hard enough (from my test shots shown here) to really make use of any expansion these rounds can offer because of its relatively low power, the 2/3 I recovered were completely intact and barely showed signs of use at all. On the high speed, the sabot gives a great "space shuttle" type seperation effect which looks quite nice. A downside is the cost of these projectiles. The Scorpions pass $1/per. Eventually I want to get something set up to allow it to fire smaller, lighter bullets and see what kind of velocity/ballistics this unmodified Dragon Claw can get with something like a standard .308. I would like to do ballistic tests to compare the lead rounds and these jacketed ones, but do not expect it soon. This was an on-the-spot video, just testing to see how (if) these shot. Thanks for watching!
Added by: SKHunter74 | 688 Views

Big Bore AirRifle DragonClaw .50cal and 9mm/.357
.50 Cal and 9mm/.357 AirRifle video.
Added by: SKHunter74 | 957 Views

When to.
When to use the Talk The Walk Call
Added by: talkthewalk | 622 Views

Itchy Bear
Bear Country Wildlife Park
Added by: mrbusybusy | 604 Views

Heli Pig BOW Hunt
Texas Heli Pig Hunt with a Bow. Looks like fun.
Added by: SKHunter74 | 616 Views

How to Talk The Walk
Basic how to use our call
Added by: talkthewalk | 706 Views

Mossy Oak Wars: Shadow Grass Blades Eps 1
Just the Mossy Oak team sending a weather balloon up and filming the flight and return to Earth
Added by: SKHunter74 | 671 Views

CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloader
CVA Optima V2 Muzzleloader, While the new OPTIMA V2 shares the name of its popular predecessor, the "Version 2" gun has a completely different design in many ways.
Added by: Thomas-MacAulay | 575 Views

Fawn Spring 2013
Found fawns right off the walking trails at Iowa Lake after fishing
Added by: mrbusybusy | 647 Views

Lion Attacks Hunter
Added by: Wheels | 659 Views

Olde Eynsford
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 712 Views

CVA Accura V2 - TV Spot
Added by: Thomas-MacAulay | 626 Views

CVA Accura MR - TV Spot
Added by: Thomas-MacAulay | 645 Views

Bison crossing the road and giving me the evil eye...
How do people primitive hunt these monsters!!!
Added by: mrbusybusy | 782 Views

What my wife doesnt do for me......
Added by: Wheels | 631 Views

Mounting a scope part 2
Part 2 scope mounting
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 754 Views

Mounting a scope part 1
Mounting Scope Part 1
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 735 Views

Aerolite Ballistic Test
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 584 Views

Dudley McGarity and Thomas MacAulay of BPI Outdoors Busting some clays.
All of this video footage was taken on my cell phone, so views better if you don't enlarge the screen.
Added by: Thomas-MacAulay | 688 Views

CVA Optima V2 Pistol First Thoughts After First Thoughts
Quick review and firing
Added by: mrbusybusy | 705 Views

Travelin Hunter TV Show Hosted By Tony Smotherman Teaser. Starting in July Sunday nights at 9:30 eastern time!
Added by: Tony-Smotherman | 615 Views

CVA Optima V2 Pistol Rail Mount Quick Note Review
Durasight Rail Mount From The Factory Is Weaver Base
Added by: mrbusybusy | 636 Views

Ballistic Gel Test 2 - Archery
Checking if the new gel can catch an arrow. Yup.
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 656 Views

Ballistic Gel Formula
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 690 Views

my leopard hunt
this cat had killed7 calfs, 22 goats, & sheep. Just a matter of time, before it killed a child
Added by: David-Hebeisen | 795 Views

Loading loose powder into a muzzleloader
Loading Loose Powder
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 758 Views

Sizing Thor Bullets
Thor Bullets How to
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 715 Views

Part 2 shoot them clean
Part 2 Headspace
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 662 Views

Part 1 shoot them clean
CVA Headspace Adjustment Part 1
Added by: Frontier-Muzzleloadi | 717 Views

Crap Pants! World Record Moose!
This moose was killed back in 2008. I don't know if it still holds the record. What a shot! It would have been better if he took it down with a spear or knife :P
Added by: SKHunter74 | 610 Views

Optima Review with Outtakes
This is the same review of the Optima VS the Optima V2, however, this version has some extra outtakes at the end. Enjoy at my demize :/
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 592 Views

Optima VS Optima V2
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 588 Views

California Spring Turkey Hunt with WHC
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 669 Views

A Little IPSC Action
Me running in IPSC last year for SNS Cast Bullets
Added by: Michael-E-Clay | 639 Views

RZ Mask 3D Camouflage Hunting for Scentless breathing
Opening package and first thoughts...
Added by: mrbusybusy | 678 Views

Smith & Wesson M&P 15 5.56/.223
MrsBusyBusy throwing down some lead
Added by: mrbusybusy | 680 Views

Added by: Tony-Smotherman | 625 Views

CVA Scout Rifle
Added by: Tony-Smotherman | 667 Views

The Versatility Of The HQ-100.High Quad 100.
Is designed for individuals with no hand or arm movement. This model can be operated completely with your mouth and chin. The HQ100 comes standard with a power trigger to fire the weapon. This is operated by a very slight suction on the blue tube in the picture. Windage and elevation are controlled by the joystick that can be operated by your chin. The selectable speed controls on the windage and elevation allow you to set the speed that is most comfortable for you. The simplicity of the HQ100 allows it to operate all pistols, crossbows, rifles, and shotguns.
Added by: Wheels | 635 Views

What an awesome gesture to other disabled hunters
Added by: Wheels | 644 Views

CVA Wolf Muzzleloader Paint in progress
Rustoleum rubber coating on grips and Testors enamel paint in Wolf Stamp
Added by: mrbusybusy | 807 Views

Added by: Wheels | 637 Views

Installing a Durasight Rail Mount on a CVA Optima Muzzleloader
Still Frame "How To" Video to reference when installing your rail mount
Added by: mrbusybusy | 651 Views

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