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2009 South Africa Kuvhima
Trophy Type: Ostrich
2010 doeYummy
Trophy Type: Whitetail Deer
My biggest tom so far 2010
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2013 Russian Boar
Trophy Type: European Boar

Early 2nd morning.....before 7:10am............1 shot with 308 & he fell over.

Heart was gone!

2009 South Africa Kuvhima
Trophy Type: Blesbuck
2012 Colorado cow Elk
Trophy Type: Elk
First Wisconsin Black Bear
Trophy Type: Black Bear

Sept. 4,2014

Came in to bait at 6:20 pm. Shot at 6:22, and recovered 50 yards away at 6:58 after a very loud death moan!! Yes, he was harvested with my WHC CVA Optima!! I hit low behind his front shoulder while he was removing logs from bait pile. I didn't know they can hunch up. There was no blood trail from the bait pile, but I found blood where he crossed the trail forty yards down. We heard the loud moan just before I found the blood trail. After a few minutes, my husband Paul went into the woods following an ever increasing blood trail. He was about  ten yards into the woods from the trail. 

   He is georgeous!!! Beautiful white V on his chest, plenty of fat already. I couldn't be happier!!



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