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PaulyHunts's Trophy Wall
Namibia Gemsbok
Trophy Type: Gemsbok

2008 Namibian archery safari.  First African kill with my bow!

Namibia Kudu
Trophy Type: Kudu

Archery Kudu 2008

Burchells Zebra
Trophy Type: Zebra

Namibia archery safari 2008

Dead Eye Jackal
Trophy Type: Jackal

Namibia Archery safari 2008.

2011 Wasatch Mule Deer
Trophy Type: Mule Deer

190" archery buck from the Wasatch Mtns. Utah.

Warthog Namibia
Trophy Type: Warthog

Nambian archery safari 2008.

SE Idaho Archery Elk
Trophy Type: Elk

OTC tag September 2013.  Solo archery hunt.  Called him in to 5 yards and let the air out of him...

Idaho Spot and Stalk Black Bear
Trophy Type: Black Bear

Called this guy into 30 yards the weekend after the camera crew left for my Outlanders episode.  Too bad I couldn't get it done on camera.  Oh well, it was still a rush to make it happen the way I wanted to. 

Spot and Stalk Archery Antelope
Trophy Type: Antelope

I arrowed this guy in NM.  My first and only antelope.  I think it may be time for another...

Alaskan Archery Brown Bear
Trophy Type: Brown Bear

20 yard shot, down in 50 yards.

Idaho Spot and Stalk Black Bear
Trophy Type: Black Bear

20 yard heart shot...game over.

Wasatch Mule Deer 14
Trophy Type: Mule Deer

He wasn't the monster I was chasing most of the season, but he was an old warrior complete with scars on his face, a torn ear and a broken leg that had completely re-healed!


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