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Patience's Trophy Wall
Colorado - 7x5 Mule Deer
Trophy Type: Mule Deer

Public land, no fences: This was my first out of state Mule deer hunt in Colorado with my family. On the fourth morning after a snow storm, I saw this deer while hiking through 12" of snow along a ridge at 7800 elevation. I shot this 7x5 mule deer on public land in Colorado from 300 yards from the seated position. Unfortunately there was no rest or shooting stick available. This deer has 2 cheaters and a drop on one side, and a cheater on the other side. This mule deer has a 29" spread, which scored 186 1/2. Aside from the obvious trophy that will soon be mounted on my wall at home, the fact that I was able to share this moment with my husband and family makes this a trip that I will never forget.

Colorado - 7x5 Mule Deer 2
Trophy Type: Mule Deer
First Blacktail Deer
Trophy Type:

Private land, low fence. This is my first blacktail deer I have ever taken. Nice big 3x3 taken with a .270 rifle. If you look closely, this old buck has been shot at before. Looks like a bullet grazed the left side of the rack and went completely through the right side of the rack. He wasn't getting past me though. 1 shot. I was happy because I shot a bigger buck than my husband this year :-)

Big Tom - 10 Beard
Trophy Type: Turkey

Opening day of spring season this year sure was a wet one, but I managed to stick an arrow through this Tom at 32 yards on public land.  This is the biggest Turkey I have shot to date, with it having a 10" beard.

2015 Spring Turkey 10
Trophy Type: Turkey

Spring Season 2015 was able to creep up to 35 yards in the tall grass and Arrow this 10" Tom.

Two Bucks in One Day
Trophy Type: Blacktail Deer

The second to the last weekend of rifle season, I was lucky enough to have an opportunity at my first buck I had seen all year.  I saw him trailing a doe and only had seconds to shoulder my rifle and pull the trigger before he walked into the tree line.  BAM!  scoped myself pretty good and couldn't tell if I had made contact.  Through the rifle up to check, and noticed that a heavy one sided fork stood up behind a bush wondering what was going on.  I dropped him at 75 yards.  I walked up to the tree line to check to see if I had hit the first buck I had shot at, and sure enough the 3x2 was laying 20 yards into the tree line.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to fill both of my tags in one day.

Two 10 Bearded Toms
Trophy Type: Turkey

My father in law and myself were lucky enough to get into range during fall turkey season and pull off two monster Toms with beards at 10 1/4".


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