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Game Hunted:Alligator Antelope Arapawa Ram Axis Deer Barbary sheep Bison Black Bear Blacktail Deer Blesbuck Brown Bear Canadian Goose Caribou Chamois Chital Deer Coyote Crocodile Dall Sheep Dove Duiker Eland Elephant Elk European Boar Fallow Deer Giraffe Goose Grey Fox Grouse Hawaiian Ibex Goats Ibex Goats Impala Javelina Kudu Leopard Mountain Lion Mouflon Sheep Moose Mallard Duck Lion Mule Deer Oryx Osceola Turkey Ostrich Pheasant Quail Pronghorn Antelope Prarie Dog Prairie Chicken Rabbit Red Deer Red Stag Rhino Roosevelt Elk Turkey Tahr Squirrel Sika Deer Sable Varmint Waterbuck Whitetail Deer Wild Hog Wildebeest Wolf Zebra Stone Sheep Baboon Black Wildebeast Caracal Cheetah Gemsbok Hyena Hog Deer Hippo Jackal Klipspringer Stein Buck Warthog
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