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Grouse are a group of birds from the order Galliformes. They are sometimes considered a family Tetraonidae, though the American Ornithologists' Union and many others include grouse as a subfamily Tetraoninae in the family Phasianidae. Grouse inhabit temperate and subarctic regions of the northern hemisphere, from pine forests to moorland and mountainside, from 83° North (Rock Ptarmigan in northern Greenland) to 28° North (Attwater's Prairie Chicken in Texas). Presumably they evolved in this zone. Grouse are heavily built like other Galliformes such as chickens. They range in length from 31 cm (12 in) to 95 cm (37 in), in weight from 0.3 kg (11 oz) to 6.5 kg (14 lb). Males are bigger than females—twice as heavy in the Capercaillie, the biggest member of the family. Grouse have feathered nostrils. Their legs are feathered to the toes, and in winter the toes too have feathers or small scales on the sides, an adaptation for walking on snow and burrowing into it for shelter. Unlike other Galliformes, they have no spurs


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MichiganGrouse view profile
South DakotaPheasantDove, Grouse, Whitetail Deer view profile
New BrunswickBlack BearMoose, Grouse, Whitetail Deer view profile
New BrunswickBlack BearMoose, Whitetail Deer, Grouse view profile
New BrunswickBlack BearMoose, Coyote, Grouse view profile
CaliforniaQuailAntelope, Black Bear, Grouse, Coyote, Mallard Duck, Blacktail Deer view profile
Click to ViewAlaskaBrown BearYukon Moose, Moose, Wolf, Grouse view profile
MaineMooseBlack Bear, Whitetail Deer, Coyote, Grouse view profile
MaineBlack BearWhitetail Deer, Moose, Coyote, Grouse view profile
Click to ViewHawaiiAxis DeerHawaiian Ibex Goats, Wild Hog, Mouflon Sheep, Arapawa Ram, Grouse, Dove, Turkey view profile
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