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Anything and everything else that is off topic and non political.
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May 2017 bring you everthing you NEED, and a few things you Want. ...Read Full Post
Jan/13/2017 5:47 am
Found out yesterday that my Hawaiian nickname is Ululani...... meaning Godly Inspiration. This was posted with this years turkey picture (fb profile picture). I'm ready to be picked f ...Read Full Post
Jul/05/2016 3:12 pm
Hoping all will be spending 4th of July with people you care about. Remember to be SAFE, and also be careful around FireWorks!! Maybe next 4th of July we can celebrate an America we are Proud of, th ...Read Full Post
Jul/05/2016 3:11 pm
Two Chinese nationals were yesterday sentenced to 30 years in jail by a court in Tanzania after being found guilty of possessing 707 pieces of ivory.Xu Fujie and Huang Qin were given the choice of imp ...Read Full Post
Mar/31/2016 4:35 pm
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Merry Christmas to you & yours!! ...Read Full Post
Jan/13/2016 6:11 pm
If you like DDP you will love this. I also thought we could all feel good. I agree about the other posts going on. And I thank WHC for allowing us to share. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/wa ...Read Full Post
Dec/17/2015 6:00 am
Wishing all a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving! Don't end up with Black eye going for Black Friday Specials ...Read Full Post
Dec/01/2015 6:23 am
Ok mates here is the inside story of Cecil the Lion and Lion hunting in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. Rhodesia was taken over and renamed by Robert Mugabe. He banished the white farmers and ...Read Full Post
Sep/13/2015 12:06 pm
Yes. I said it. Cecil the Lion was a Jerk and his Cousin "Nxaha" is a Man Killer. Literally. He just munched a TOURIST GUIDE, not a hunter. So how will the libertards spin this one? And th ...Read Full Post
Aug/25/2015 5:32 pm
View Photo11954
Best speach ever. Looks like he was fired for it. Admins can you embed this? Every American needs to listen to this and understand that it is real. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgGnBCDfCLM ...Read Full Post
Aug/01/2015 6:20 pm
Have a safe & fun holiday weekend. Celebrate America's birthday & pray common sense & integrety returns to our leaders. (hand over heart) God Bless America!! ...Read Full Post
Jul/02/2015 2:14 pm
Happy Father's Day! Enjoy your Summer!! ...Read Full Post
Jun/23/2015 10:40 pm
17 year old girl pulled out into traffic last week and down I went, call it a power slide at 55mph :-) Bike is in the shop getting put back together and I'm licking my wounds. I think I need to moun ...Read Full Post
Jun/23/2015 6:30 pm
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We just learned today that Tim Trefren of Trefren Outfitters has passed away. Tim was great man, a gentle man and a dear friend of WHC. His legacy lives on with Tim Trefren Jr. Our hearts and prayer ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Jun/20/2015 10:51 pm
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Not sure if this is a repost. Sorry if it is. PETA “Devastated” It Got Caught Stealing & Killing Dog PETA has finally spoken out on the stealing and killing of Maya. They ...Read Full Post
Mar/04/2015 2:34 pm
Well WHC. Feb 22 2015 at 11:45am my incredible wife gave birth to our new baby boy Mitchell! If you all don't see me around it's because I am Mr.Dad now. Needless to say Mitch will be becoming a WHC ...Read Full Post
Feb/24/2015 5:03 pm
A picture says a thousand words. Tell those you love, That you love them. (salutes). ...Read Full Post
Feb/14/15 9:50 pmView Photo01405
I have to share this. I was just watching Alaskan Bush People and on this "reality" episode, the youngest kid comes next to a Brown Bear. He chambers his rifle, shoulders it and prepares for ...Read Full Post
Feb/06/2015 5:39 pm
View Photo1010402
Anyone know what this is? Or a photoshop thing? ...Read Full Post
Feb/06/2015 4:43 pm
View Photo63031
Ok, here it is, Seahawks 21 Pats 36 Final. ...Read Full Post
Feb/03/2015 4:59 pm
Some Impressive Women I had no clue were Hunters! 1. Eva Longoria 2. Madonna (Madonna Louise Ciccone) 3. Eliza Dushku 4. Avril Lavigne 5. Jennifer Lawrence 6. Kate Middleton (Catherine, Duchess of Ca ...Read Full Post
Jan/23/2015 4:01 pm
View Photo12169
Ok WHC, have at it. A 132 year old Winchester rifle found propped against tree in Great Basin National Park. How cool is that. ...Read Full Post
Jan/21/2015 2:26 pm
View Photo63180
Hi WHC people, has been awhile. i have done some hunting since the last time i was on here. I harvested my first Az big game animal, nice little whitetail. Now i am after the stink pig. When i get a c ...Read Full Post
Jan/07/2015 10:09 pm
Good afternoon my WHC friends...I hope that season wherever you are in our great land is treating you right. Everyone I have talked to over the past few months that has been out west seems to think th ...Read Full Post
Dec/03/2014 2:07 pm
View Photo33158
Happy Thanksgiving WHC!!!!!! We hope everyone has good food and family on this day. ...Read Full Post
Nov/30/2014 1:41 pm
View Photo32807
Way to go Savanah! (<- spelling?) If this isn't the cutest hunting video of all time I don't know what is. ...Read Full Post
Oct/28/2014 3:01 pm
Well I emailed you about filming my interview and didnt hear back. Are you coming to Santa Cruz or what WHC. ...Read Full Post
Oct/08/2014 1:36 pm
I have tried to understand why hunters feel the need to kill things and think it is the result of being a man or a female that feels the need to act like a man but you COSSWALD or whatever your name r ...Read Full Post
Sep/16/2014 6:08 pm
Its been a while even visting here for sure! I end up over on facebook TO MUCH! Hope all here are doing well, our muzzleloader contest is almost over, I will post will post winner and amount we made ...Read Full Post
Sep/11/2014 12:14 pm
View Photo74793
Just here to say and shed some light on what is going on in Hong Kong and why it is so important in my opinion to voice support for them. Beijing is trying to force their elections through their &quo ...Read Full Post
Sep/02/2014 1:42 pm
A war is underway across the world’s forests, grasslands and mountains – a war that pits park rangers against poachers. If the rangers win, tigers, elephants, lions, leopards, rh ...Read Full Post
Aug/27/2014 12:47 pm
View Photo32635
Wow.... just wow. The more I learn about what the Online Media is doing to Kendall Jones, the more I feel for her. First off. Anyone that attacks Kendall is in favor of starving children. Yeah,.. I s ...Read Full Post
Aug/24/2014 7:30 pm
View Photo53337
Hey Dr. Kent Brantly, YOU ARE A SELFISH BASTARD. If one person here in America dies from the Ebola Virus it will be your fault and YOU should be tried for MURDER. Does anyone else think it was stupi ...Read Full Post
Aug/04/2014 9:28 pm
View Photo33316
Smith & Wesson just payed out 2 million or so to the US government as a penalty for bribing officials in Pakistan and Indonesia while making oversea sales deals. In one instance, S&W r ...Read Full Post
Jul/29/2014 9:57 am
View Photo12074
Danny Nickerson is not your normal 5 year old. Nope, soon he will be 6! Which is great. We all expect to live long healthy, happy lives and this little buck sure looks like he is living a happy life, ...Read Full Post
Jul/28/2014 8:09 pm
View Photo93613
Ok, in a nut shell,... The Parkes Observatory in Australia picked up some strange radio waves from space a while back but because no other instrument on Earth could record or hear them it was written ...Read Full Post
Jul/11/2014 6:17 am
View Photo63846
Happy 4th WHC! ...Read Full Post
Jul/09/2014 5:49 pm
Well. They are about to do it. They are about to kill the one last shred of my childhood that I still cling to with fascination and admiration. They are about to reduce me and several other soon to be ...Read Full Post
Jul/02/2014 2:20 pm
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