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Got a rant or a political opinion you want to share? Here is venue.
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May your hearts be full of love, and good cheer. Spending the holidays with family and friends near. May your yule log burn long, as you sing christmas songs. With happiness & health in the ...Read Full Post
Dec/27/2016 8:25 am
Wishing everyone a Thanksgiving filled with food, family, and love. ...Read Full Post
Nov/24/2016 10:15 am
Get out and vote!!! You can't complain when you don't participate!! God help us through the time ahead. I'm going to sit in the woods after voting, and find my happy place! ...Read Full Post
Nov/08/16 7:39 am01032
Thank you to all who have served to protect our way of life at home and abroad!! We do appreciate your service and sacrifices. ...Read Full Post
Aug/12/2016 3:57 pm
Happy Father's Day! Keep passing on the hunting tradition to future generations!! Share the FUN!! ...Read Full Post
Jun/20/2016 9:33 am
Yep, you read that right. Well that's what a couple of researchers concluded with an assumption, "The scientists identified repeated slowdowns in wolf population growth rates that could not be e ...Read Full Post
May/12/2016 10:03 am
Every time I click on the Thumbs up/Like on this video, I get kicked out & sent to Log in . I copied & pasted to WORD before copying & adding here : From: mohogging187 Janu ...Read Full Post
Jan/28/2016 6:12 pm
Wishing all safe travels, a very Merry Christmas, and a healthy and prosperous New Year!! ...Read Full Post
Jan/13/2016 6:18 pm
Wishing all a Happy, healthy, prosperous, Love filled 2016!!! ...Read Full Post
Jan/13/2016 6:10 pm
You read the title of this post right. The leader of ISIS was almost given the "Person of the Year Award" by Time Magazine for attacking Paris. WTF?! "A shortlist of candidates chosen ...Read Full Post
Dec/14/2015 2:03 pm
View Photo62180
I was once a big fan of Muhammad Ali but I have to turn my fan card in. He just made a statement at Donald Trump "I’m a Muslim. I’ve been a Muslim for 20 years. I'm against k ...Read Full Post
Dec/11/2015 12:09 am
View Photo21914
The same marketing firm that used Cecil the Lion is at it again mates. http://www.ktvq.com/story/30278043/treasure-or-trophy-legal-hunts-for-big&#45 ...Read Full Post
Oct/16/2015 6:51 pm
An unarmed hiker was killed and eaten by a Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone National Park last week. "Although an exact cause of death was yet to be determined, the service said investigators had i ...Read Full Post
Aug/14/2015 10:30 am
Well my friends. The cat is out of the bag. Arianna Huffington and the other leftist zealots showed their hand that they knew what was going to happen before it happened. And they are caught! The Huf ...Read Full Post
Jun/24/2015 11:05 am
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Joyce Carol Oates and Other Animal Activists are IDIOTS. I D I O T S! The 77 year old Pulitzer Prize nominated author and Princeton University professor saw a picture of Spielberg next to a Jurassic ...Read Full Post
Jun/15/2015 12:13 pm
View Photo62521
Wishing everyone a safe & relaxing Memorial Day Weekend. Hoping you can spend time with family & friends. But please remember those who died so we could have peace at home this wee ...Read Full Post
May/23/2015 7:19 pm
Happy Mother's day to all the Mothers & Mothers to be!! Remember,you have the power to keep hunting a family tradition. Whether you are a hunter, you encourage your children to partake in al ...Read Full Post
May/16/2015 8:54 am
Rebecca Francis got a great Giraffe and should be very proud of it. As for Ricky Gervais he might want to rethink why hunting is important. Or he is just a rich liberal with little common sense. I kno ...Read Full Post
Apr/21/2015 2:58 pm
View Photo32428
His guests were fed a young elephant, and two buffaloes, two sables and five impalas were also donated to the president by a local landowner. He also threw in a lion and a crocodile to be stuffed as ...Read Full Post
Mar/03/2015 5:55 am
View Photo62547
To voice our solidarity with the people of Charlie Hebdo who just suffered an attack from Muslims. At this point 12 people are dead for making fun of mythology. Hey crazy Muslims or any other religi ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Jan/14/2015 1:37 pm
View Photo1617007
I'm flabbergasted that Sony and all the theaters cancelled the movie, read today that they're not going to move forward with on demand viewing either. At what point do you draw the line now? Will an ...Read Full Post
Dec/29/2014 10:02 am
View Photo62406
Some may call me a nit picker, but I don't think a person should qualify as Most Prolific Hunter if they can't post even 1 picture of themself with a harvested animal !! It doesn't have to be dead, if ...Read Full Post
Nov/12/2014 3:30 pm
Dear Sal88. If you are simply a Troll then well done. You have brought great levity to the forums; However, if you are sincere in your questioning we may want to know some things first, before we ent ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Sep/11/2014 11:37 am
I'm not sure if any of you are following the young lady, Kendall Jones. She is from Texas and is an avid hunter. She has been in the news lately as (I believe) she is a college cheerleader who is re ...Read Full Post
Jul/12/2014 12:55 pm
View Photo22968
Remember men..................You didn't forget to put the seat down, you were making it easier for her to look for spiders Before she sits down!! Kind, considerate & thoughtful........... ...Read Full Post
Jul/05/2014 4:27 pm
The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films, AKA the Saturn Awards is hosting their 40th Annual Awards tonight in L.A. unu2 multimedia (the company that built WHC) is the new development c ...Read Full Post
Jul/02/2014 8:19 pm
View Photo133724
Martinez's father, Richard, said some politicians and the National Rifle Association are also to blame for his son's death. "Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA,& ...Read Full Post
May/29/2014 10:41 am
Ok, I had to write something about this. The genius people that run Portland Oregon have done something amazing. Better yet, they have done a few things that are quite amazing. First off, they dumped ...Read Full Post
May/23/2014 3:21 pm
View Photo103754
According to a newly released Inspector General report the State Department misplaced and lost some $9 billion due to the improper filing of contracts during the past six years, $6 billion during the ...Read Full Post
May/13/2014 5:08 pm
View Photo52487
This isn't about hunting. It's about people. Heroes. I am not a sea captain, but I am a skipper of a sailing vessel (the difference is paperwork and the ability to charge for passengers) (does that me ...Read Full Post
Apr/26/2014 4:15 pm
View Photo21937
To begin. God rest their souls and may their grieving loved ones find peace. This story will probably not make much waves in the American media because it does not follow their anti gun mantra. 5 peo ...Read Full Post
Apr/20/2014 2:05 pm
People should be aware of this. The Feds claimed that they decided to return the cattle they stole but that isn't true. They were forced to. This is a real story of how the Second Amendment works. The ...Read Full Post
Apr/20/2014 11:26 am
The HBO TV Host Bill Maher is an outspoken liberal. So it is no surprise that he attacked hunting in his recent Blog Post found here http://www.real-time-with-bill-maher-blog.com/index/2014/3/27/blood ...Read Full Post
Apr/06/2014 9:02 am
View Photo107856
The stats to the left do not lie. This should be some useful information for the fight for gun rights, not just in America, everywhere. ...Read Full Post
Mar/26/2014 4:28 pm
View Photo22735
Saw this on Facebook.............What's up??! One if the good guys is getting raided. Howis this acceptable? ATF raiding this guy is BS from everything I have seen. http://easybakegunclub.com/news/4 ...Read Full Post
Mar/19/2014 6:02 am
New Jersey and every other state that wants to confiscate guns, yeah remember the hot mic slip up with the gun grabbing New Jersey reps last year, are gonna drive me to drinking. I read an article in ...Read Full Post
Mar/05/2014 1:38 pm
View Photo63372
Well, I just got off the phone with what can only be described as a severely mislead, unbalanced, uneducated individual called an Animal Activist. According to her, there is no need to kill animals an ...Read Full Post
Jan/30/2014 6:20 am
View Photo32809
Mark my words Duck Dynasty will be back with Phil for 2014. Here is why I know this. I have been watching this recent turn of events and laughing. Phil has used this PR stunt to cash in on several ve ...Read Full Post
Dec/29/2013 8:55 pm
View Photo73628

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