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What do you do when scouting for game?
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Great article on Realtree.com about Rookie mistakes commonly made while Coyote hunting. LINK HERE. To summarize: You’re Hunting Where There Are No Coyotes. Scouting helps! Spend some tim ...Read Full Post
Mar/25/2015 5:19 pm
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Most excellent discovery today! Check out the GeoCommunicator website for BLM land maps!!!!!! Super easy tool to scout out public hunting lands complete with topo or satellite maps broken out in lan ...Read Full Post
Oct/16/2014 12:14 pm
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This bear stalking and hunting DVD was just released. It covers everything for the hunt. Preparation, gear selection, map reading, stalking, judging, and trophy care. It's a 2 disk education seminar t ...Read Full Post
Sep/25/2014 12:25 pm
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Anyone have any good looking prospects caught on their trail cameras yet? ...Read Full Post
Jul/30/2014 8:24 pm
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Moon Phases for Bear Hunting, August 2013 = perfect* Lunar phase for 17 August 2013 (First Official Night Scout for California Black Bear) Saturday is Waxing Gibbous. The moon is in zodiac sign Capri ...Read Full Post
Aug/18/2013 3:29 pm
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Tony shows you how to mouth call a Coyote in while Scouting for Elk ...Read Full Post
Jul/22/2013 2:37 am
I've never hunted Elk before but it's on my bucket list. I read a lot of Outdoor Life and Field & Stream to learn as much as I can and I found this article that I liked written by Aron Snyder ...Read Full Post
Mar/05/2013 9:54 pm

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