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Introduce Yourself Forum
Get to know WHC members by sharing who you are and what you do here.
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Hey guys just wonders how many of u enjoy coyote hunting and if anyone has been having any luck. ...Read Full Post
Nov/24/2015 2:03 pm
Hello WHC. I have been reading the forums here for about a year and decided to join up. The post today about the outfitter that canceled and refused to give back the deposit really got me mad. I decid ...Read Full Post
Dec/29/2014 4:54 pm
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I have been reading the forums here for a couple of years but never registered an account as the forums here were open. I visit whc here about twice a day to see if new things come up. I finally re ...Read Full Post
Dec/17/2014 6:34 pm
Hello WHC! We are a private land club based in Long Island and up state New York. Whitetail Deer hunts starting at only $800 followed with amazing Duck hunts and Pheasant. We provide dogs too. H ...Read Full Post
Nov/21/2014 6:12 am
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Hello Wold Hunting Club! We are located in Southwest New Mexico. We harvest trophy animals. Come give us a visit! ...Read Full Post
Oct/10/2014 5:59 pm
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my name is Dylan and while i'm new to the site i'm not new to hunting. born, raised and still living in Saskatchewan Canada. i just wanted to say hello and that i'm looking forward to reading through ...Read Full Post
Sep/29/2014 3:13 pm
I came here to vent frustration and found some very forward thinkers that changed my perspective and made me feel for the first time that I am actually freely thinking and becoming more progressive. I ...Read Full Post
Sep/25/2014 11:52 am
Hi Guys thought I would introduce myself from down under. I am co-owner of New Zealand Safaris based in the South Island of New Zealand. Our business specialises in private land, free range Outfitting ...Read Full Post
Sep/11/2014 1:54 pm
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Yeah i'm the real guy so don't go expecting proper grammar and spelling or anything like that and we will get along just fine. Along with being proficient in several deadly martial arts I am widely ...Read Full Post
Jul/30/2014 3:35 pm
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Hi, I am the very first WHC CVA winner!! I enjoy hunting with my brothers and Husband Paul. Paul & I have been fortunate to have hunted in South Africa, and going back is on our Bucket List! ...Read Full Post
Jul/17/2014 7:24 pm
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Hello WHC. Max6 here. I use the 6 because Max was taken and I have 6 great kids! LOL! I am a Texan born and raised. Give me a gun and a tag and I will hunt and eat just about anything. Thank you WHC f ...Read Full Post
Jul/17/2014 6:18 pm
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Hello everyone! I guess I would be experience challenged. Having been raised to hunt, then abandoning everything to do with the wilderness for nearly 20 year, I have returned to hunting/fishing with ...Read Full Post
Jul/17/2014 6:18 pm
Hello WHC! My name is Tony Smotherman AKA The Travelin Hunter! Since the mid 1990's I have spent many miles behind a steering wheel in pursuit of big game. From mid-western whitetails, to bruiser elk ...Read Full Post
Jul/17/2014 1:51 pm
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Hello, I was WHC first grand prize winner. I was honored to have been selected to hunt in Saskachawan Canada for elk last fall. It was a great time with a great group of guys! The guys who built t ...Read Full Post
Jul/09/2014 3:04 pm
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Hello everyone, My name is Jesse and the beautiful woman in the pics is my wife Cassi. First I would like to say that I’m excited to be a part of this site. It’s always nice to fi ...Read Full Post
Jul/05/2014 4:24 pm
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Hello! (I figured I would get this Forum section started ;) My name is Michael E. Clay, I am the founder of WHC. My hunting goals include harvesting dangerous game and filling my freezer with any an ...Read Full Post
Jul/02/2014 2:49 pm
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