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Got this one in today. Just trying to figure out now what to do for a handle. Maybe torch an antler for a darker look? We'll see what I can figger out. ...Read Full Post
Jul/23/2014 12:05 am
My brother bought me this and surprised me with it a handful of days ago. The blade is Obsidian and sharp on both sides! Later today I took Bubba for his walk and while he was running around li ...Read Full Post
Jul/17/2014 7:06 pm
Picked up a light duty fixed blade to pack in my truck. I ordered a Gerber Freeman Guide Fine Edge Knife and it showed up to my delight, a little nicer in person than what it looked like online. H ...Read Full Post
Mar/01/2014 11:08 am
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I rarely have a pocket knife with me, SAID NO HUNTER EVER! Everything I buy seems to come in child proof, adult proof and general all purpose finger proof packages so I couldn't get into a stick ...Read Full Post
Sep/28/2013 2:43 pm
My friend just got back from Finland and brought me a present. It has a beautiful Finish Curly Birch handle..She has good taste! ...Read Full Post
Aug/02/2013 2:28 pm
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My good friend gave this to me about a year ago. He had to move to Alaska which is pretty upsetting. Well this is my prized knife and I love it to hell! http://worldhuntingclub.com/viewh.php?id=751 ...Read Full Post
Mar/14/2013 4:12 pm
Bark River Knife and tool make great knifes. If you are in the market for a new knife i suggest you take a look at their selection. ...Read Full Post
Mar/06/2013 11:04 pm
I recently got to test a CRKT Kommer Free Range fixed blade w/gut hook. When I opened the box it came in, the first thing I seen was that it was made in China. "Oh no" I thought. I was amaze ...Read Full Post
Feb/26/2013 7:43 pm
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Last month I had the chance to try out my new Gerber Myth Dress Kit in the field and kept my Buck Knife 119 Special in my pack just in case things didn't work out. Here’s some quick notes ...Read Full Post
Feb/16/2013 9:36 am
http://kershaw.kaiusaltd.com/ Kershaw has always treated me well. ...Read Full Post
Feb/14/2013 6:49 pm
I started using a Smith's 2 step knife sharpener and it's really handy. I was looking for something that could take care of a pocket knife or a hunting knife and this fit the bill. I wouldn't tr ...Read Full Post
Jan/30/2013 10:07 pm
This machete has more than a few camping miles on it and it’s been recently repurposed into clearing firing lines. Heavy enough to do some damage weighting 1.2 lbs so you’ve got q ...Read Full Post
Jan/30/2013 9:31 am
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I just thougth I would share with you all on how impressed I am with the Outdoor Edge Swing blade. If you have never owned one or tried one out I highly reccomend it. I have had three so far and lov ...Read Full Post
Jan/29/2013 7:18 pm

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