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WHC Hunters, Need help? Ask about the site and services here.
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Would like to yhank Eric of WHC for helping me straighten my profile!!!! And would like to thank WHC for all the support they give TEAM ONE SHOT ! Looking forward ...Read Full Post
Jun/20/2015 10:50 pm
I don't believe New Members get enough info upon signing up. There should be a mini tutorial on downloading game/ Trophy pictures, Explanation of individual Icons (red means it needs attention), accep ...Read Full Post
Sep/23/2014 11:05 am
Reply here with any Forum Topic Addition Requets. All within reason will be taken into consideration. Specific Game Types will be added as Seasons come and go. ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Apr/09/2014 7:22 pm
Hello WHC Hunters! Prior to today, your profile page url looked like this worldhuntingclub.com/Hunters.php?id=(Your ID), we are happy to announce that we now offer "clean URLs" for your pro ...Read Full Post
Apr/06/2014 9:07 am
Hunters can now include links to their other Social Media sites on their profiles! Simply login to your account, click the gear icon or settings, then you will see locations for YouTube, FaceBook, Goo ...Read Full Post
Mar/25/2014 6:31 pm
The last 2 days I've gotten a message before I can login, stating that there is a certificate error problem. I click continue anyway (not reccommended). What's causing this? ...Read Full Post
Mar/24/2014 5:57 am
Hello all! We just updated the member photo galleries and also revamped the game pages. You will now see why we ask if a forum post has something to do with a specific Game Type or Hunting Method as e ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Oct/10/2013 11:34 am
View Photo83317
Where did all the muzzleloaders go in the shop! Grrrr.....even tho I can't afford one I still liked to look at them :P Where did they go, Mike! :( ...Read Full Post
Jun/30/2013 11:11 am
I'm looking for a place to post pictures from Michael Clay's rock band tour. I was wondering if his sea legs could get into any tighter shorts to enhance the show just a pinch more? ...Read Full Post
Jun/26/2013 10:19 am
View Photo207549
If you signed up after May 17 2013 this is not for you ;) Hunters! From your members area (top of your memner's page in a text link) you can now access and update your Hunting Methods and Methods of ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
May/21/2013 3:01 pm
View Photo43121
If you have an idea to help make our site better please respond here! Thanks in advance, WHC team. ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Mar/17/2013 11:10 am
http://worldhuntingclub.com/Hunter-Profiles.php The recent videos aren't showing up and open a page when clicked but there's no video there to play. Thanks! ...Read Full Post
Mar/15/2013 3:48 pm
View Photo124281
Just had a friend loose 24K in rifles coming out of Zimbabwe. You guys could post things like this. ...Read Full Post
Feb/05/2013 4:04 pm
Hunters! Find out who you might like to chat with and visit for a Hunt! http://www.worldhuntingclub.com/Hunter-Profiles.php?Open=Field#Hunters It basically looks at your location and your preferred ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Feb/02/2013 2:03 pm
HUNTERS are now given POINTS for your Actions (visible when you log in at the top of the screen).(Active as of Jan 12 2013). You will get points for every photo, video, you name it. Some points may b ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Jan/30/2013 12:45 am
Testing our new photo uploads for the forums here. ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Jan/25/2013 11:04 pm
View Photo63076
We had some complains about the photo uploads. happy to say I think we got it fixed. You will now see a loading bar during the upload process! ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Jan/25/2013 2:35 pm
http://worldhuntingclub.com/Hunter-Profiles.php New feature added with much, much more info and interaction to come! ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Jan/24/2013 4:07 pm

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