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Ask questions about Muzzleloading stuff here. Guns, powder, primers etc.
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I stood by my plan and went full .50cal patched round ball this season! I heard a lot of " Don't use that!" You'll wound it!" "That ball isn't made for big game" all the ...Read Full Post
Nov/28/2017 5:53 am
Just got the buckskins in a few days ago. Need to figure out something for moccasins, Tired of heavy hunting boots. ...Read Full Post
Oct/17/17 10:18 pm0367
The Traditions Mountain Rifle maintains the classic styling and handling of time-honored sidelock rifles, while offering great performance and affordability. The Mountain Rifle Kit .50 ca ...Read Full Post
May/31/2016 10:34 am
Working a little more with Traditions lately as they still produce sidelocks and that's a real sweet tooth of mine. I ordered a .50cal Traditions Hawken Woodsman flintlock and she came in on monday. ...Read Full Post
Mar/14/2016 12:32 pm
Well, Someones got to add some life to the place! Last month I decided to do another test with my anti rust and patch lube. I cleaned up an old CVA Hawken flintlock barrel (It was modded and ...Read Full Post
Feb/11/2016 4:22 pm
I found that The Hawken Shop makes steel trim for in a universal, fit to your wood, kit and so I ordered it. The kit is pure HELL and took me over 7 hours jsut to fit the trigger guard and the butt ...Read Full Post
Jul/14/2015 5:35 pm
Got this one some months back and it was a factory finished, brand new CVA Hawken .54cal The finish wasn't bad except for a double rub spots, so I decided to just strip everything and build it better ...Read Full Post
Jul/13/2015 2:52 pm
This one I got a while back. I am not doing the barrel yet until I find a buyer. I want the new buyer to either pick out a new 50 or 54cal barrel to finish the project off. And what the heck is with ...Read Full Post
May/25/2015 11:19 pm
I don't know why I didn't think of this before My CVA Hawken .58cal is a great rifle and when I got that 12g shotgun barrel, I couldn't use it due to the different style tang ( Square is installed ...Read Full Post
May/25/2015 11:13 pm
I went on a bit of spending spree, but with the way things are, when you can buy at a good price... BUY! I picked up a CVA Hawken .54cal flintlock which will need rebarreled ( No biggie!) a new kit C ...Read Full Post
Mar/25/2015 2:52 pm
I was dying, I admit it, I had so much fun with the .36cal navy the other day that I had to buy my own before I wore out my brothers LOL. Traditions 1860 Army .44cal with the steel frame. Im not goin ...Read Full Post
Mar/09/2015 12:16 pm
And yes, I have another one lined up after this one Another CVA Hawken .50cal with 1:48 twist. I decided that I will keep this barrel for myself and re-barrel it with a brand new .50cal 1:66 twist ...Read Full Post
Mar/07/2015 6:44 pm
Early season muzzleloading here in Iowa usually means mild weather which is a sharp contrast to late season with its frigid single digits. I've been reading a lot on muzzleloading ballistics and the ...Read Full Post
Feb/27/2015 2:40 pm
View Photo52731
Bought another CVA Hawken for restoration! Ordered new sights, stain, finish, new ramrods. Looks like I will be kept busy! ...Read Full Post
Feb/13/2015 1:06 pm
With Hawken #4 being built and sold ( This had the 50cal & 12g shotgun barrel - i kept the 12g shotgun for another build) I started asking around the forums for junkers with rusty bores but go ...Read Full Post
Feb/06/2015 4:45 pm
I made this yesterday with my CVA Hawken and a Hot Shot #11 nipple firing a Remington percussion cap.VIDEO HERE! ...Read Full Post
Feb/06/2015 4:44 pm
I love big bores! I found this online yesterday and after looking at it, I could not resist. It looks to be in great condition but you never know until you look down the bore. Till then, your guts are ...Read Full Post
Feb/03/2015 6:34 pm
I got tired of the cold blue rubbing off so quickly so I stripped it down and over a period of 4 days ( its slow!) I got a nice chocolate matte brown finish on her. Looks so damn much better! ...Read Full Post
Feb/03/2015 6:33 pm
I finished up another CVA Hawken I got last month, sold it and found a good deal the same day yesterday. There was 2 hours left and instead of waiting for the bids to stop, I just ended up hitting the ...Read Full Post
Jan/15/2015 1:00 pm
An online buddy sent me his NEW Accura V2 Nitrite to do a deep cleaning, relube, accurize job on. It wears a 3-9x40 Burris FullField scope and Medium height DNZ Mount system. Super sharp looking rifle ...Read Full Post
Dec/29/2014 9:59 am
Michael and Erik will know the crazy dude shooting, but for the rest of you who do not, its my brother in law John. He called in a group of 3 but they came around behind us to wind us and over time, t ...Read Full Post
Nov/25/2014 4:27 pm
I didn't really need it BUT I do get to do a little experimenting with some shaping and new trim for an idea that I have in mind for my .58 ...Read Full Post
Oct/29/2014 5:57 am
Searching the forums I ran across a guy selling a CVA Hawken .50cal which is by far my most favorite muzzle loader to build off of as its a solid platform! I plan on working my magic on the stock as ...Read Full Post
Oct/27/2014 4:20 pm
I finally got fed up paying the $10 + s/h for a lousy 50 balls! I was going to go with a lyman but somehow this seemed to fit my personality a bit better as its the old time way of casting balls. It ...Read Full Post
Jun/21/2014 8:40 pm
Reply with your prefered inline muzzleloading rifle. Mine is the CVA Accura V2 Thumbhole......Sweet shooting, Im on a pie plate with open sights at 150 yards! Whats your favorite? www.muzzle-load ...Read Full Post
Jun/14/2014 10:40 pm
A couple months ago I picked this one up as a winter project. Shes one hell of a shooter but the previous owner left her lumpy and ugly. Beautiful maple stock was finished poorly and the barrel finish ...Read Full Post
Jun/10/2014 4:55 pm
One of my most prized possesions! ...Read Full Post
Apr/07/2014 7:11 pm
View Photo114899
A friend of mine asked me if i'd be interested in restoring an old TC Hawken for him. I agreed and in the end, I ended up with a 45cal tc hawken and a tc hawken with a 40cal green mountain barrel drop ...Read Full Post
Apr/06/2014 4:15 pm
This claim I always thought to be a scam and a few days ago, I found some info that shows what a scam the bore butter, wonder lube garbage is. It really is a good read though guys! ----------------- ...Read Full Post
Mar/27/2014 11:11 pm
Not sure if i posted it or not, but that ugly black stock was boring to look at. Had to make a change and so true timbers MC2 came into play. What do you think about the barrel? Leave it or dip it ...Read Full Post
Mar/11/2014 10:43 pm
This came in yesterday and I got her all sighted in and shooting beautifully at 50 yards. This one is from the 1980s and has the 32" barrel, 50cal and 1:66 twist. Stock is maple and may get my re ...Read Full Post
Mar/11/2014 1:35 am
After sorting out some problems, I got everything shooting clean and perfect. A nice cool cloudy day helped me as I was kept busy messing with breech plugs and adjusting headspace a few times before f ...Read Full Post
Feb/27/2014 3:57 pm
One of my friends ALWAYS buys and get bored. I ended up selling my cva apex 50cal/3006 combo and buying my friends new in box CVA Mountain Rifle. Its the camo version with tan barrel. He was told the ...Read Full Post
Feb/22/2014 9:39 pm
An online buddy sent me his brand new CVA Accura V2 for my cleaning treatment. Good buddy of mine, always has treated me right, shared stories of wars and his history, very good man. I completely tor ...Read Full Post
Feb/08/2014 10:46 am
This popped up on my forum for sale by our gun seller and so I bought it right away. Actually my brother bought it for me as a christmas present. CVA Mountain Pistol! ...Read Full Post
Feb/06/2014 1:14 pm
Not sure if I will get it or not but I found a rusted out 50cal cva hawken thats in great shape other than the barrel looking like a turd pipe that came out of a new york sewer! I am thinking, if I g ...Read Full Post
Feb/04/2014 12:30 pm
My nephew was over last weekend and we took him out with the 36cal cva navy I put together from a kit. 15 grains shuetzen powder and a .375" round ball. He was shooting from 20 yards. ...Read Full Post
Jan/19/2014 8:48 pm
From one of my contacts, he had posted that while he was at the Shot show he hounded one of the Remington guys into a rumor that was going around. 2014 Remington will introduce a muzzleloader build on ...Read Full Post
Jan/10/2014 8:25 pm
Wouldn't it be nice to have these models offered in the USA?! Wood stock, blued barrel and frame, You can't get much better IMO for a good looking rifle. Im not sure what the deal is and why they do n ...Read Full Post
Dec/28/2013 5:06 pm
Complete! 4 coats tru oil on the grips, birchwood casey brass black on ALL the ugly shiney brass. Need to buy some updated #11 nipples and shes ready. ...Read Full Post
Dec/28/2013 3:05 pm
WHC was recently contacted by one of our centerfire hunters that was looking to make the transition into Muzzleloading. Below is the story of that venture. There is something unique about Muzzleloadi ...Read Full Post
Dec/11/2013 5:43 pm
Got this im trade from a buddy online, He wanted his CVA Kodiak stock dipped and he offered me this revolver for the job. No problem! I love blackpowder stuff and this looked like a fun winter project ...Read Full Post
Dec/10/2013 10:49 am
Old San Juan Puerto Rico ...Read Full Post
Dec/02/2013 1:09 pm
It's official, CVA has announced the Accura MR Nitride finish!! Once again CVA introduces a new innovation that will change the face of muzzleloaders as we know them. The new Nitride finish technology ...Read Full Post
Nov/13/2013 10:35 pm
A friend of mine showed me an article where u can pan lube your bullets and then use a .50cal TC Speed loader and cut the bullets right out of the lube after it has dried. Going to add a little more b ...Read Full Post
Oct/29/2013 2:33 pm
I just got a CVA Optima V2 muzzleloader as a promo to shoot some film and hopefully a Deer. It was perhaps used by someone else though it came cleaned and all in all looking quite new. I put in a Winc ...Read Full Post
Oct/25/2013 7:10 pm
Here are our Top 5 Reasons to Use a Muzzleloader ...Read Full Post
WHC Safari Agent
Oct/03/2013 3:43 pm
CVA Muzzleloaders - Firing Pin Removal Video ...Read Full Post
Sep/29/2013 7:56 pm
Good to see the smoke pole I carry is ranked #1 in the industry. Check out this article about CVA muzzleloaders getting ranked the #1 muzzleloader. Nice little interview with Dudley McGarity, who I ...Read Full Post
Sep/29/2013 10:03 am
A few days ago, I went out and put some videos together. A gent on another forum wanted me to test some T7 pellets with the 300gr PT Gold sabots and so I figured what the heck, may as well bring the v ...Read Full Post
Aug/04/2013 6:52 pm
I just recently purchased a new booklet by Dutch Schoultz " Black powder rifle accuracy system" and while it is directed to the patched ball shooter, I have found many cases where the info w ...Read Full Post
Jul/12/2013 6:06 am
Went to the rendezvous again yesterday for the buffalo roast and picked up some supplies. Pictures of Rendezvous Needed a pan charger for my flintlock and found this for only $25. Heck of a deal ...Read Full Post
Jun/13/2013 11:57 pm
Safety is extremely important with muzzleloading rifles. Because of the nature of their design, hunters must take additional precautions with muzzleloading rifles than with standard firearms. Hunting ...Read Full Post
Feb/22/2013 5:21 pm
A good 5? years ago i traded my Winchester X150 .50cal :-( for a tc new englander " stupid stupid!!" and when i got it, the rust free bore was nothing but rust. I put the gun up for sale or ...Read Full Post
May/29/2013 2:07 am
Going up to a gun shop in Woodland park 2 years ago, i found the weirdest muzzleloader ive EVER laid eyes on. You just wont believe it until you see it! Its a very odd thing but believe it or not, on ...Read Full Post
May/22/2013 10:59 am
Please watch this video if you are new to Muzzleloading. Muzzleloading can be fun, but it can also KILL YOU. ...Read Full Post
Mar/30/2013 9:30 am
Just purchased my first CVA rifle tonight cant wait to get it and start shooting. Now i feel like im part of the club.. ...Read Full Post
Mar/27/2013 3:27 pm
View Photo125273
I'm using 120 grains of Triple 7 Magum pellet and a PowerBelt 50 Cal. 295 gr. Copper- AeroTip. What kind of shot group should I be expecting out of my CVA Wolf at 100 yards as opposed to centerfire r ...Read Full Post
Mar/12/2013 3:56 am
I did my first stock dip tonight! Man it was a head ache at first because the person that rolled the film, put the "This side up" Sticker on the wrong side! I kept spraying the film and it w ...Read Full Post
Feb/27/2013 11:48 pm
Well I went and put one on order today. They do not have them in stock yet so I got this model below, along with open sights. It has a good deal of stuff i love, Stage 2 trigger, removable butt pad ...Read Full Post
Feb/26/2013 9:16 pm
Where can i find parts for my older model CVA Rifle. Apperantly the hammer is not hitting the cap directly. The hammer appears to be bent slighly. I am just learning the part names. Here are a few pic ...Read Full Post
Feb/24/2013 3:28 pm
View Photo199331
I'm trying to decide between Durasight's Dead On scope mount or getting a Picatinny rail mount. I'm a fan of the Picatinny flexibility so I can switch between red dots and other optics but then again ...Read Full Post
Feb/24/2013 1:18 am
Just wanted to take some pics of my Optimas bore. I havent JB Bore pasted it due to me running out, but i always clean her as best as i can at the end of the day. I took 2 shots last week and cleaned, ...Read Full Post
Feb/19/2013 12:16 am
I ordered a palm saver today after feeling like a wimp hurting my hand while seating my bullet and pellets. If you're just starting out that is a GREAT $5 investment that is worth every penny and mor ...Read Full Post
Feb/18/2013 2:36 pm
Does it matter if I use a regular load the first time I shoot a new muzzleloader or is starting out with a lighter 60 grain load better? If so why? Thanks for the help! ...Read Full Post
Feb/14/2013 6:21 pm
Muzzleloading can be quite intimidating to the new user. And things today are not what they used to be. Looking back, I was but a small boy, given the equivalent of a stick of Dynamite and sent off in ...Read Full Post
Feb/14/2013 6:19 pm
View Photo184116
While I'm busy ingesting as much information as possible about my new found love in muzzleloaders, flintlocks and all things black powder; I was wondering about rain and or high humidity. I'm not muc ...Read Full Post
Feb/13/2013 12:21 pm
Found this page on CVA's website. Good information to check on your state's regulations when getting started. Here. ...Read Full Post
Jan/31/2013 12:46 pm

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