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Fell off your treestand Now what
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Posted By: mrbusybusy
02/22/2013 6:43 pm

Always use a safety harness when using a treestand.  Well you hear that a lot and probably use one but what happens if you fall and are hanging?  Here is a great video showing you examples of what to do in different treestand scenarios.  My suggestion is to throw your stand 5' off the ground and practice getting back onto your particular so you're better prepared.  Don't panic, prepare ;-)

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Reply By: Michael-E-Clay
02/22/2013 6:46 pm

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,.. oh man,. not laugh but that first pic is priceless.

Seriously though, a good friend Van Hale at Trophy Outfitters had a trajedy happen when a bright young guide fell asleep and died from the fall from a tree stand.

Anytime you are up over 8 feet it ain't no joke.


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Reply By: mrbusybusy
02/22/2013 6:48 pm

Guy looks like a giant baby wearing a onesey but at least he's walking away.  He'll get his pride back because he's got his lifetime to do it over ;-)

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Reply By: SKHunter74
02/22/2013 9:45 pm

Even using a harness could be death if you don't recover fast enough. The inner thigh straps cut off the blood flow and can make you pass out then death. For those of you who don't know that. That is why you need a lumberjack strap to you can take some of the weight off your thighs to let the blood flow again.


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Reply By: etammik
02/22/2013 10:15 pm

I'd rather look like a piñata for a few minutes then risk the consequences associated with falling out of a tree because I didn't strap in! Proof accidents happen! 


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