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To make the ultimate hunting spear
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Posted By: The-Fearless-Edge-
09/29/2016 7:51 pm


I'm a custom bladesmith and bowhunter up in Alaska. Fortunately, it is totally legal to spear hunt big game up here. Cold Steel has the hunting spear market cornered right now, and (no harm intended) they have to be quite concerned with their profit margin. I want to provide an affordable, hand crafted, well designed hunting spear for primitive hunters to rely on.

Ideally, I want to forge them because I simply love bladesmithing. The picture I've included is of a spearhead I forged for ZombieGoBoom on YouTube, to be sent for review soon. It has a heavy, straight grained, rock maple handle that I blackened in my forge and rubbed wax in, and a leather wrap. Overall length is 6' Blade is approximately 9.5" long, hand forged from 1/4" 5160 bar stock. I'll include another picture as soon as it's done. If y'all could give me some input, I'd greatly appreciate it. What would you want available for spear hunting?

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Reply By: The-Fearless-Edge-
10/01/2016 1:19 pm
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Reply By: The-Fearless-Edge-
10/04/2016 1:39 pm

Ok, so I just realized how crappy that last picture was, hopefully this one is better. Also, I'm just as happy to hear negative feedback as positive. The goal is to get better, and eventually provide a great tool to hunt with.

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