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Five Minute Miracle Training
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Posted By: WHC Admin
02/18/2016 12:38 pm

Professional trainer Tom Ness of Menoken, N.D., calls this drill the Five-Minute Miracle.

“For instilling control, getting your dog to go where you go, and simply teaching him to pay attention,” says Ness, “there’s nothing like it.” Here’s how it works.

Don’t Force It: Take your dog to a park and clip a 30-foot rope to his collar. With both hands on your end of the rope, start walking. Let your dog go wherever he wants, but when you see that he’s distracted, make a hard, 180-degree turn. Don’t say anything to the pup; just give the rope a firm tug to get your dog going in the same direction as you.
Take Five: Keep this up. After five minutes, he’ll learn to ignore the distractions and lock onto you like a laser. Give him three or four days of these five-minute sessions, and he’ll advance to the next level of training.

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