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Testing a new patch lube
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Posted By: Frontier-Muzzleloadi
11/13/2015 11:48 pm

Well, after a long day in Denver yesterday and an injection right into a bulged disk, I felt pretty good this morning! A bulged disk pinching a nerve was causing severe muscle spasms and as I found out this morning, my horrible left leg pain that made me limp for the past year. That shot made me want to crawl out of my skin! when he hit the nerve, it felt like someone had cut me open and poured hot boiling water into me and it ran all the way to the tips of my fingers.

With me feeling so good, I grabbed up my CVA Hawken .58cal and headed out with a box full of powder,balls, patches and my new liquid patch lube I made to try out. Super happy with how the lube loaded after all of the shots, and accuracy was great as well.

I shot 75 yards off of shooting sticks "Sitting down position" with nothing to rest my back on.

I used both 70 grains and 80 grains Jim Shockeys Gold Super Powder, .020" patch soaked in my new lube and lightly run between my finger and thumb to wipe off excess, home cast .570" round balls. Each one loaded as if it was a clean bore and that was exactly what I was hoping for.

In the end I took 36 shots before I tired out. I don't want to push myself to hard, you have to let the shots slowly settle in. But I am beat! Its been quite some time since I loaded and shot the Hawken that many times in a day lol.

80gr loads were actually hitting a little lower. 70gr JSG SP shoots best out of the rifle so far and is very easy on recoil. No hang fires during this shooting event either.


So at the begging on the year I should be bottling this lube and selling it with my name on it. Its been a great lube so far and I plan on testing the hell out of it for a while. I like what it's done so far. No smell, no nasty oil/grease all over, keeps that bore sqeeky clean for the next patched ball to go down.


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Reply By: MAX6
11/15/2015 2:46 pm

Sounds great! You are a marketing master! Anything to keep shooing and not cleaning is music to my ears! LOL!

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Reply By: Nathan-J
11/23/2015 9:56 pm

Damn nice group.

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Reply By: mrbusybusy
11/24/2015 1:10 pm

Solid shooting as usual.  Great way to spend a fall day!

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Reply By: Frontier-Muzzleloadi
12/22/2015 11:31 pm

Well, with it being 56* t-shirt weather, I took advantage and had a blast today for a while. One thing I've learned. When you can reloading a sidelock like you're shooting BH209, You sometimes forget to load powder!

First 3 shots I was extremely happy, then I started to play around with my patches and noticed one side had a deeper - rougher texture to it. I started to load that against the rifle and noticed tighter restriction during load. I'm not sure if that deeper fabric was wiping the bore better or not but the group shrunk drastically on the next 2 shots.

Originally was sighted in with shockeys gold, but today I switched to dirty goex 2fg for these 7 shots. 70 grains 2fg goex, .020", .570 round ball and my buckskinner's patch lube. No swabbing between shots was needed throughout the entire shooting session.

Now with the rifle center, I reloaded a few tubes with my 100gr goex 2fg hunting load and took 3 more shots. X'd out hole was the older hole. Stickers were knocked off after the first shot.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the accuracy and consistency. It just felt nice to get out and make some thunder in the valley.

Now to clean the rifle and then set up some new loads so I can get her completely dialed in for some hog hunting.


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