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New Mexico is 3 for 3 this year
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Posted By: Frontier-Muzzleloadi
10/07/2015 12:06 pm

First off, my brother in law does it once more! Lucky bastard to put it nicely.

We all had HOT hunts in the low to mid 80's and on day 4, he spotted a small 2x2 and 3x3 and was putting on a  stalk to fill his tag when out of the thick sunflowers, this guy and another smaller buck jumped up and trotted off. He said it was like a picture I have on my wall where a muley is turned sideways looking back, its called "Fatal Pause". He said the buck that that pose and he let his Traditions Strikerfire roar and send a  250gr Thor bullet powdered by 100gr Blackhorn209 and a CCI primer fly. The bullet impacted just under the spine and the buck dropped like a stone. He had my nephew call us as we were hunting a different unit and so we had to pack up the Jeep and hightail it to his area so we could help pull it back to the road. The buck measured 27 3/4" wide and is a  5x7. He has 2 kickers on the back of his rack that are hard to see in the pictures.


On day 6, my chance had arrivied! A rainy, cool,foggy season had finally come and set into the higher mountains and while we all made a slower circular course through a high mountain park, we were jumping tons of doe left and right. An area and that contains two ponds, my brother in law spotted this one at over 200 yards and all you could see was his head and neck. We debated for a while about what to do and finally I just said to hell with it, Im going after it. I kissed the dirt as much as I could and slowly made my way over rock, through brush and at one point, all I could see was his head and nothing else. I just kept the wind in my favor as much as I could. At one point however he must have got wind of me and he spooked into some thick oak brush. As I was stalking around that, I saw him trot off back into the field we originally saw him in. I circled back just as he came to a stop, Most likely from spotting John and Robert on the hill. I looked through my scope to make sure he was a fork at least on one side, leveled my CVA Accura V2 that was loaded with 110gr Jim Shockeys Gold Super Powder and a 338gr Powerbelt Platinum and stroked the trigger. Out of the corner of the scope I saw the buck just get hammered and dropped. After the shot, All I heard was John and Robert screaming their heads off because they couldn't see me and when I fired, all they rear was the huge roar and watched the deer drop. My brother in law said it was like someone reached out and just smacked that deer off his feet. Meat will always taste better than horns!


Now Robert is one hell of a lucky guy! He had to wait till day 7, the final day of the hunt and the last 30 minutes of the hunt! A huge fog storm moved in and it was so thick, we actually drove through a small town without knowing it until about a mile down the road where our turn off was! He got this buck in the same area as I got mine, only on the other side of the pond. We started off following the same route we took on my hunt and after seeing only a few doe, I wanted to take him to a burned out section of the forest where smaller oak brush grew and where I knew deer holed up. Along the way, we came out into a clearing, on the edge of some tall pine trees. I saw a white and black rear end, I told Robert to hold up. I looked through his scope to see what it was as I had forgotten my binoculars in the jeep which was at home. I saw a single antler with no fork and figured, crap! Its just a forkie! We slowly crept up to 131 yards and while I was looking at him, he turned his head while graving and I finally saw the forked antler! I set Robert up on the Sling Stix, but he was shaking to bad and couldn't get the shot off. He had a big flat boulder by him so he through the rifle on top of that and got settled in. Sadly a doe that we didn't see, caught us and took off. The buck looked at her and then turned back to look at us. I told Robert (PG13 version) Shoot it already before he spooks!  He cocked the hammer, I told him to put his finger low on the trigger so its lighter ( He always pulls from the top of it) and I heard him take a few breaths before the CVA Wolf cracked loudyly  and at the sound of the shot, the deer dropped! Due to the angle the deer was looking, it impacted the neck and went into the spine of the deer.

Robert is a first time big game hunter. He had been coming over during the sumemr months so I could help get him set up and practice loading, reloading and shooting off the bench and from a sitting down position. He did a hell of a job on this hunt and stuck it out and finally got his first ever, big game animal!

He used my nephews CVA Wolf with a KonusPro 3-10x44 scope set on 6x to help take some of the "wiggle" out. He also used 80 grains Blackhorn209, yellow Traditions sabot and a 260gr Harvester Scorpion PT Gold, CCI 209M primer.

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Reply By: cosswald
10/08/2015 5:58 am

Congrats to all! Sounds like it was a great hunting adventure with 3 freezers filled.

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Reply By: MAX6
10/08/2015 1:14 pm


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Reply By: MAX6
10/11/2015 7:43 pm
Going there this week! Buddy got a tag and his wife got sick so I am in! LOL! I would say wish us luck but for now its wish him luck. lol!
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Reply By: Nathan-J
10/08/2015 2:19 pm

That is bad ass! My brother got lucky in norther NM too. Venison for dinner tonight. Great pics.

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Reply By: Hunter
10/09/2015 10:33 am

Rock and roll! Man, you guys are on it this year!! What is next for you guys??? All tagged out or more to come??

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Reply By: mrbusybusy
10/12/2015 12:29 pm

Nice to see a successful hunt and it's great to see your Jeep out to haul the harvest!

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Reply By: Jaded-Arrow
10/16/2015 6:55 pm

Great job mate. Looks like meat for dinner tonight and tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. For some time to come. Glad you are having a good season.

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Reply By: etammik
10/22/2015 11:58 am

Well done guys, congrats to all!


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Reply By: coyotey
10/22/2015 7:09 pm
Looks like u put that bullet right where it belongs good eating meat there
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Reply By: camo-santa
10/24/2015 6:01 pm

great job nice  to have freezer full

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