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What NOT to do with your new muzzle loader - A new guy
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Posted By: Frontier-Muzzleloadi
10/07/2014 12:50 am

While checking out another forum, I came across a fellow with a CVA Accura V2 and Blackhorn209.

Lets read his problems and get down to what went wrong, what was incorrectly used and how cleaners can REALLY ruin your day..

Well here is a update on the new gun . Bought the black horn breach plug( a extra cost) had to also order the firing pin shim kit because the head spacing was wrong . Took the boy out with the gun . Started with 100 grains of black horn 209 and 245 grain power belt bullets and Remington clean bore primers .
1st shot total miss fire. Second shot split second hang fire . 3rd shot normal . Shot a total of 20 rounds . Had about 10 hang fires ,3 total duds and was not able to even hit paper at 50 yards . Rear sight was almost off the right side of its mount and gun still way to the left .
Called CVA and was told I must use magnum primers with bh 209 . I asked how to clean around the firing pin and was told by CVA to us non corinated disc brake cleaned .. Umm well ok , I tried it and ... It pealed all the camo finish off the stock .
So now another call to CVA to ask WTF . They said oh sorry and sent me a prepaid label to send the gun back . They also have a form to fill out for repairs. The represetitve filled out the for with my stock finish issues, my firing pin issues and the fact We can't hit a barn side at 50 yards.
2 weeks later I get the gun back with a new stock .... That's it . No firing pin fixed, no rear sight fixed . I called and was told , "oh sorry we had a old guy work on it and he did not read the whole repair sheet " . Are you kidding me ?? What is the repair sheet for if your gun smiths don't read it . Sent gun back again . I emailed my rep and said at this point I would like them to just send me a new gun because this is getting ridiculous . So far I have been ignored on that one . We will see what happens next .

#1 response is: You are using the incorrect primers! Remington Klean bore primers are strictly used for Pyrodex & Triple 7 like powders, NOT Blackhorn209! These are very COOL burning primers and do not give off enough hot gas particles that set BH209 off. [color=#ff0000]Recommended primers as usual are: CCI 209 Magnum, Regular CCI, Federal 209A, Winchester W209 & Fiocchi.

Rear Sight is hanging way off the side of the rifle:
When you are getting bad hang fires like this, NEVER expect to be able to adjust your sights for pin point accuracy because it just is not going to happen PERIOD. Its hang firing! That means you are most likely flinching but most importantly, Your powder charge is not even fully igniting to put that bullet where it needs to be. Trying to shoot an inline with bad hang fires is like trying to shoot a flintlock with a full pan of priming powder, its going to go... CLICK..psssssssss, dull thudded boom! And what happens to the shooter when this happens? FLINCH!

Cleaning around the firing pin bushing:
Using Brake Cleaner on your gun, no matter WHAT style of firearm, its simply a bad idea and it damn sure has NO right to be used anywhere near your stock! A great deal of gun cleaners that you use every day can and will ruin your stocks finish.

When cleaning around the firing pin bushing, ALWAYS use a cleaner that has been applied directly to a Q Tip. Swab the area, let it set and work for 10-15 minutes and then wipe any fouling away. Never use spray cleaners around your stock regardless of the finish that it wears!


I thought this could be useful down the road for someone and it just flat out blew me away that someone would actually use brake cleaner by the stock and then complain about it ruining the finish and especially about the sight adjustment when the rifle is not functioning properly!

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Reply By: cosswald
10/07/2014 6:22 am

Should have read all the muzzleloader forum articles HERE, before he started.

Reading directions, or watching cd that comes with gun might of helped also!! Yeah, I know...........

MEN don't need to read directions!!

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Reply By: mrbusybusy
10/07/2014 4:14 pm

Directions?  Heck, I made it this far with all my fingers and toes!  Directions are for girls, us guys just like to enjoy the drive :-)

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Reply By: Hunter
10/07/2014 6:24 pm

Direc what? Is that for TV? No really. This is a great post FM. The depth of understanding and translation of that is found no where else. I loved your video by the way with the WHC guys. I hope they go out again with you next year. Your Coyote shot was AWESOME!

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Reply By: etammik
10/08/2014 1:31 pm

UGGHH some people... the genius sprayed the brake cleaner on the gun!!.. im sure the cva rep thought he would have the common sense to removing the firing pin assembly and then spray the brake cleaner on it... CVA was much nicer than I would have been.... It still amazes me that even today with the internet and all the extremey easy access to information theres still people who blame companies when they misuse their products... you dont blame the hammer when you bend the nail your driving... backhorn specifically states what primers to use on thier site..  

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